• Nema 23 Mounting interface
  • Available in AC, DC, Step Motor or BLDC
  • All steel gearing available
  • No plastic housings
  • Gearing options from 1/10 RPM to 1000 RPM
  • Max Power output - 13 Watts (AC Powered) or 25 Watts (DC Powered)

This is the most competitively priced planetary gear motor of its type anywhere!

We will modify all aspects of this design to meet your specifications, including shaft design, speed, performance and termination.

A planetary gearbox with Brushless DC (BLDC) motor makes a very efficient combination. Position feedback is standard on BLDC models. Built-in controls and external control options are available.

Part Drawings & Dimensions

Click on the photos to see a PDF file with dimensions.

3D Solid Models Available!

Email us for a solid model in STEP, IGES, STL or Solidworks format.