Get your product moving using inexpensive linear motion from Rex Engineering. We use durable acme threaded rod to produce a versatile and dependable gearmotor with the motion of a linear actuator.

The shaft of this gearbox does not rotate, it slides! This can replace more expensive components for pushing, pulling, positioning, lifting and lowering.

Linear motion is available on several of our gearbox styles, and in 24, 115, 230 VAC and 12-24 VDC. There is a wide variety of shaft materials, travel rates and load capacities available. Our engineers will work directly with you and meet your specs.

The AC motors are UL and CSA registered components. CE compliance is underway.

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DC-powered linear motion gearmotor
linear motion gearmotor
linear motion DC-powered gear motor

We will work with you, so let's design something!