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Our Company

Rex Engineering is a hi-volume gear motor manufacturer located in Titusville, Florida. We are family owned and operated, and have been in business since 1974.

We are focused on providing excellent customer service, quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and constant design improvements for more reliable and versatile products.

Our Approach

We have a high production capability of thousands of motors per day. We are happy to work with companies of all sizes. Our products include permanent magnet DCbrushless DC, and AC-powered gearmotors, gearing, actuators, custom gearmotors, retrofits and drop-in replacements.

We offer a myriad of customization options to provide the best motor for your application. We manufacture most components for our motors in house, including all gears, custom shafts, and AC powered motors.

Our high-quality equipment allows us to make many parts in-house for easier and faster customization.
Our CNC machines manufacture custom parts in-house.
This is one of our CNC machines at work, making consistent and accurate parts for your design.
Our high-quality equipment makes accurate parts for your design.

We'll work with you!

Our staff is friendly, accessible and responsive. Whether you're a large company or a small one, our engineers work directly with you on the design and production of a perfect gearmotor for your needs.