MXC: Most Xtreme Customization!

Our engineers work directly with you to design a motor to meet your specs. Our options for customization go far beyond the basics like speed and torque. We manufacture many of the components in-house. This allows us to change and optimize all features of your gear motor to provide you with a durable, high quality product to fit your needs.

Private Labeling

We offer private labeling to give your brand an extra boost and to protect your replacement parts business. Our actuator cases & gear housing have additional powder coat and color options to make your product stand out.

Output shaft design

We can customize all aspects of the output shaft including length, diameter, shape/profile, and heat treatment. Here are a few common shaft options that we can manufacture for you:

  • D-profile
  • Cross hole
  • Keyed
  • Multiple flats
  • Hollow shaft

Mounting Options

We offer many common mounting configurations and bolt patterns, as well as adapter plates to secure your motor to any number of custom mounting patterns.

And more...

  • cooling fans
  • heavy-duty needle bearings
  • ball bearings
  • brakes
  • terminals
  • heaters
  • voltage
  • brushless DC speed & directional controls
  • drive circuits
  • low-temperature grease
  • thermal overload protection
  • washdown protection
  • custom cams
  • limit switches
  • slip-clutches
  • positioning boards
  • manual override

Is there another design aspect that you would like customized? Email Us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Actuator with custom colors

valve actuator with custom colors

Specialty output shaft


Linear motion motor with adapter bracket

linear motion DC-powered gear motor