Unidirectional AC motors are simple, durable and use shaded pole construction. All things being equal, they are less expensive than reversible motors. They produce very little EMI and can generally operate at continuous or intermittent duty. We can customize the speed, shaft design, motor voltage, etc. to your specs!

Most motors are thermally protected, and all of the 120 and 240 volt windings are UL and CSA recognized components (category XEWR2 or XEWR8, file E69477). They are also RoHS and REACH rated.

They are available in 120 VAC, 240 VAC, and 24 VAC, and they operate on either 50 Hz. or 60 Hz.

shaded pole motor

The gearboxes are permanently lubricated with synthetic gear grease.  The gearing material is steel, although plastic parts can be used for noise reduction if the loading is light. Ball bearings are generally used to ensure higher efficiency and longer life.

The output shafts can be made to your specs with a variety of features like flats, holes, tapping or keyways. We also keep many common designs in stock. Shafts can be case-hardened and are supported in either bushings or needle-bearings.

Accessories include linear motion, slip-clutches, cam and limit switch sets, low temperature grease, custom termination and wire harnesses, brakes, or whatever else you may require.


3D Solid Models Available

Try our new solid modeling tool! Generate a 3D Model of our popular "CL" style gearmotor, configured to your specifications. You can then download your model in over 25 formats including SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and Pro Engineer.

For other gearbox styles, you can email us to request a 3D model in SolidWorks, STL, IGES, or STEP format.

Part Drawings & Dimensions

Click on the photos to see a PDF file with dimensions. (Output shafts shown are examples, and can be customized to your specs.)

Max Torque: 100 in. lb.

Max Torque: 50 in. lb.
Built-in mounting bracket

Max Torque: 75 in. lb.

Max Torque: 50 in. lb.

Max Torque: 250 in. lb.

Max Torque: 50 in. lb.

Max Torque: 50 in. lb.

Motor Only
No load speed: ~3300 RPM